Welcome to Dave and Fiona's home page. From here, you can access Dave's Stuff, which is mostly about video games and the Nintendo GameCube, and Fiona (A.K.A KnightOwl)'s page, which currently has lots of interesting information on lotteries and games on the web.

So, why pyriform?

The word pyriform is Latin for "pear shaped", as in "It's all gone a bit pear shaped". Not that our site has gone all pear shaped, or anything. At least I hope it hasn't. Oh, we just thought it was a cool name, OK? Anyway, to see a dictionary definition of pyriform and hear how it is pronounced (albeit with an American accent), have a look here.

And finally...

...here are those home pages again:

KnightOwl's Nest
Dave's Stuff
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Tuesday, Apr 15 2003
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